He is portrayed by Daan Creyghton.


Sal is an extremely intellegent and outgoing person. He has coded several apps by the time the show commences and uses source code background commands to browse the internet. He's also a Grade Skipper due to this intellect, Max is quite surprised to learn they are in the same class, given their age difference. Looking for someone who can answer your Calculus equation? He's your guy. Looking for someone who can find an alternative to a standard search engine? He's your guy. Looking for someone who can answer all your history questions? Again, he's your guy! He is sure to be the brightest mind of all of the Hunters and is the "brains" of the family. Sal is always up for an experiment and serves as the resident inventor of strange (and surprisingly useful) gadgets.

Personal Appearance

His appearance is brown hair and brown eyes. He is the only kid to not go on an adventure or out of the house excluding school.


  • Before being famous: He first joined Twitter in July 2016 and posted the debut tweet "Exciting afternoon with my mom.
  • Sal is left handed, so is his actor, Daan Creyghton.
  • He is the only left-handed person in the Hunter Family.
  • Outside his acting career, he is known on social media by the handle daancreyghton on Instagram and Twitter."[1]


Daan Creyghton


Daan Creyghton

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