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Season 2 of Hunter Street was announced on April 25, 2017.[2]


The new season will feature new quests, more mysteries and a new Hunter sibling. Production on the show's second season is set to begin later this summer in Amsterdam.


The lives of five foster kids change significantly after spending the first night in their new house. When siblings Max, Tess, Anika, Sal and Daniel wake up, they discover that their parents have disappeared. This sets the kids up to head out on a quest in search of clues that could help them find their parents. That journey turns into an epic family adventure, which includes such activities as boat racing through canals, exploring secret tunnels, and uncovering lost treasures. Along the way, they must fight off old family rivals and deceitful heirs to solve the mystery.


Main Cast


No. Episode Title Date Premiered Prod. Code
1 201 2018 201




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