Simon is a recurring character in Season 2. He is a police detective for the Amsterdam Police Department.


Simon is a police detective meaning he investigates crimes, so meaning he does not like to be distracted. In Max he investigates the house with his fellow colleagues before entering the house he gets frustrated when Anika makes excuses for not entering the house. At the end of Hunters Forever he arrests all 3 suspects and compliments Daniel for his hard work.


Simon has blue eyes and blonde hair. He has light eyebrows and a mustache. He is mostly seen wearing a dark brown jacket.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Overall Appearances: 8/40 Episodes


  • He is a Police Detective.
  • His name is very similar to Simone's as his is Simon.
  • In Hunters Forever he compliments Daniel’s work and belive she would be a good police Officer one day.
  • He dislikes Anika and Tess, as do they dislike him.