The Ritual is the nineteenth episode in Season 2 of Hunter Street. It premiered on February 22, 2018 to an audience of 0.92 viewers.


Diane shows up and takes the crown when Erik is forced to go to the police station; the children finally uncover the mole’s true identity.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

  • Loveday Smith as Diane
  • Kenneth Darryll Charles as Martin
  • Kenan Raven as Bernard
  • Kees Hulst as Rinus Saganash

Absent Cast


  • Max marks his tenth absence in Season 2; this is also the last time in the season for a main character to be absent.
  • The secret key to gain access inside the Muiden Castle was Evie's necklace.
  • Diane is now the caretaker of the crown.